Tattoo Designs

tribal tattoos

Top of the popularity charts in tribal tattoos

Making bodies beautiful with body art is not a new phenomenon. Tattooing has been trending from cultures and ages. In ...

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right tattoo designs

Expressing yourself with the right tattoo designs

Often a thought of getting a tattoo is your desire to express something to the world. A tattoo is an ...

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Girl with tattoo

Selecting a great tattoo and the right placement

Some people really like modifying their bodies one way or the other. Tattoos are a great way to bring about ...

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10 Best floral tattoos to adorn your body

The beauty and fashion market has been flooded with myriad array of tattoos lately. From school going kids to middle-aged people, all are going gaga for this very unique trend. With all kind of designs and hues incorporated into making these tattoos, flor

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Body Art Guide

You think it, I ink it..

In today's world, anything that a celebrity does, becomes a fashion statement. This is very much visible through the increasingly popular trend of getting a tattoo inked on your body parts. Several youngsters ape what they see their favorite celebrities d

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5 Hottest males with coolest tattoos

If men are the tougher gender, they sure don't mind going that extra mile to imprint something permanently on their hot bods. After all, it is just a matter of little pain to get something which will make you stand out and get all the female attention. Ta

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Why needles are better than piercing guns

We have seen the use of piercing guns for quite a number of years now, in malls and department stores for piercing purpose. But now, professional body piercers are having an opinion against the piercing gun. Most of the piercers of the malls undergo very

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A cure for skin cancer and disfiguring facial sores- tattoo machines

Introduction When mentioning about tattoos and health issues under the same topic, the first thing that comes to our mind ...

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Body Piercing

Naval piercing: Know it before you go for it

Naval Piercing seems to be getting very popular these days. Various celebrities such as movie stars and models are really endorsing this form of body piercing all over the world and girls are following this trend without even thinking about it twice. One

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Five stylish body piercings sported by celebs

Body piercing has become quite a rage these days among individuals, with celebrities setting the trend for the same with ...

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Carolina Beach Planning Commission Votes Against Tattoo, Body Piercing Studios

The planning and zoning commission of Carolina beach has decided that it would not approve body piercings and tattoos on ...

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5 Disgustingly painful piercings

If you consider taking an injection is a great hurdle you have to overcome in some of your most unfortunate situations, these metrosexual beings will give you thumbs down! They have opted for some of the ridiculously painful piercings in some of the te

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Celebrity Tattoos

David Beckham_2

What is the story behind your favorite celeb’s tattoo?

Tattoos have become so commonplace that to see any celebrity without a tattoo is a rare sight. Celebrities flaunt their ...

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The Lotus Tattoo (Katy Perry)

Amazing celeb tattoos with equally amazing meanings

Tattoo is an art that has innumerable followers worldwide, and the celebs are the ones whocontribute a lot to the ...

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Lil Wayne body tattoo

The ridiculous tattoos on Lil Wayne’s body

Rappers rule the roost in the world of body art, the tattoo world. Tattoos go well with the personality of ...

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Liverpool v Chelsea - FA Cup Final


Trivia Uruguay’s striker Suarez had a star aura. He never gave a chance to label his country Uruguay as the ...

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Body Jewelry

Gothic accessories: a dramatic voice of the youth

Goth is simply defined is a subculture originating from the Goth movement between 1979 and 1984. This phrase was coined by the band manager of Jovison and Anthony H Wilson and then the dogmas were followed by other archetypical bands like UK Decay, the Ba

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Body piercing: New fashion mantra

Long gone are the days when people only pierced ear and nose. Body piercing has gained tremendous popularity among people from different lifestyles, with reasons varying from piercing for self expression, for aesthetic value to piercing for sexual pleasur

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Where I can get wholesale body Jewelry store in Indonesia ?

One of my friend told me that last year he got bunch of body jewelry on a very reasonable amount from Indonesia as it was cheap there. So today I am at this same place. I planned to buy jewelry in wholesale keeping in mind its price but I am failing to l

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Where should I buy the authentic gauge size chart in Nebraska?

I live in Nebraska and am searching for the authentic gauge size chart here. A little help please. Where should I buy the authentic gauge size chart in Nebraska? Can you give me the contact details along with the directions of the shops?

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Body Modification

Body art modification

Body art modification: Make a style statement with body piercing and tattoos

Body modifications have always been in the trend. Almost everyone is aware of different ways of modifying body. Tattoos and ...

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Tooth Filing (2)

Extreme and mind blowing body modifications

Tattoo and some other body modification practices are ages old and are quite prevalent today as well. Body modifications like ...

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11 Extreme Body Modifications you won’t believe

There is no guessing the lengths to which some people would go to alter their physical appearance. It is not ...

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Be the talk of the town through some bizarre body modifications

Body modification is the process of conscious altering of the human body for reasons not related to medical injuries. These reasons could vary from person to person to fulfill their own whims and fancies like showcasing a particular religious, to reflect

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Body Art Tips

Best body art ideas

Body art is a popular trend these days. It is an interesting form of expression. Every tattoo or piercing has some meaning and it is an excellent way of projecting who you are and what you stand for. Besides that it is fashionable and it certainly adds to

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tattoo for kids

Selecting the right temporary tattoo for kids

Tattoo looks cool on everybody. It is a symbol of style. If you are a tattoo lover and your kids ...

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Reasons you should steer clear of a facial tattoo

The face is one’s identity. People recognize you because of your face. It can be fun to do creative things ...

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Things to consider before you get inked

Permanent tattoos have falsified the saying – nothing goes along when somebody dies because tattoos are your loyal companion that ...

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Body Art Accessories

10 Really cool nail art designs

If you are bored of the monotony of the typecast nail enamels and wish plunge into the bandwagon of eye alluring nail arts, options are many. Your manicured fingers and well clipped nails will get the most coveted makeover by virtue of these nail arts.

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Where can I buy the tapers and the stretching kits in Connecticut?

Which are the best shops to buy the best and the latest of the body jewelry in Connecticut? Where can I buy the tapers and the stretching kits in Connecticut? Are there any websites where I can compare the prices of the jewelery prior to buying so that I

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How do I clip on my belly ring?

I bought this belly ring from JoBananas. But I am not being able to wear it. Will you please help me out and tell me how do I wear it? Please keep it simple so that I can follow your instructions properly. How do I clip on my belly ring or any other belly

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Where can I buy the conventional guide for tragus jewelry peircing?

Where can I buy the conventional guide for tragus jewelry piercing? I have heard that sometimes a bubble forms on the inside and the outside of it, if it happens with me then how do I deal with it? Is their is any way to avoid it all together?

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